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High Speed Maintenance, Lubrication, Troubleshooting & Tutorials

(Video # 01)

Lubricating the air High Speed Handpiece

(Video # 02)

Lubricating the air Low Speed Handpiece / Motor

(Video # 03)

Lubricating the straight handpiece

(Video # 04)

Spinning Prophy Angle or Straight Handpiece (Process of Elimination troubleshooting)

(Video # 05)

Engler Prophy Angle Maintenance P-A1-B

(Video # 06)

Disposable prophy angles compatibility with Engler units

(Video # 07)

Determining if your air highspeed handpiece is in need of repair or replacement

(Video # 08)

Turbine replacement for Highspeed handpiece (Lares Workhorse)

(Video # 09)

Unclogging Lares 757 high speed HP with tool (Engler)

(Video # 10)

Scale-Aire High Speed Scaler handpiece getting hot troubshooting

(Video # 11)

Connecting the Nitrogen Regulator for the Engler Mini Scale-Aire & Drill-Aire High Speed Dental Units

(Video # 12)

How to connect your Engler Scale-Aire Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Unit to a Nitrogen tank or Compressor

(Video # 13)

How to replace the male & female quick
disconnect assembly with H2O filter on
the Scale-Aire & Excelsior
for the 2 liter water bottle

(Video # 14)

3 - Way Syringe cleaning instructions

(Video # 15)

How to clean the 3-Way air / water syringe

(Video # 16)

Mini Scale-Aire Troubleshooting no water flow from handpieces

(Video # 17)

Replacing the female 4 hole air handpiece connector

(Video # 18)

Installing a bur into the Lares highspeed handpiece

(Video # 19)

Scale-aire how to lock prophy into
the straight handpiece

(Video # 20)

Tank compressor pressure gauge replacement

(Video # 21)

Replacing the dial cover on Mini Air unit

(Video # 22)

Engler 25K Ultrasonic insert O-ring Replacement

(Video # 23)

Using your compressor with your Engler Mini & Drill-Aire highspeed air units


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